Team Setup

Once you have registered you will be prompted to complete the setup steps. You can either complete them immediately or skip and complete later:

1. Choose your team name

You will be able to change it later in your team settings.

2. Answer your first icebreaker question

You will be able to continue answering icebreaker questions after setup in "Icebreakers" section.

3. Choose your quiz schedule

Choose your quiz schedule and number of questions per each quiz round. Here you can also set a general timezone for your quiz notifications. At the same time each player will be able to select a personal timezone.

4. Invite your teammates

Enter e-mails to invite your teammates. You can send multiple invites through comma.

Profile Photo

After completing your setup steps you will be able to upload your profile photo and edit your profile information. To do this, simply click the icon in the top right corner of the screen

Team Management

In your "Team" tab you can invite users to the team, grant admin rights, delete users and create new teams.
You can also check the questions that you have answered about each player.