Icebreakers are the building blocks of our activity. On average, eash player needs to answer 3-5 icebreaker questions for a quiz round to be generated. The number of questions will be prompted below the answer box. When the prompt dissapears, it indicates that the minimal number of answers has been reached. You can either stop at this point or continue submitting your answers.
It is important to have high engagement within the team to achieve better accuracy in scores.
The algorithm is set to generate the quiz when the answers from at least 80% of the team members are submitted.

To change your answer simply click "See previous answers" button.
Note: you can only change your answers before they appear in somebody's quiz.

An indicator on the dashboard will be showing your next quiz readiness based on the number of Icebreakers answered by each team member. When it reaches 100% the quiz will be generated and sent-out according to your selected schedule.