Team Analytics

Based on the quiz results you will be able to see your team analytics on the dashboard.


1. Acquaintance Score

Key indicator that shows how well your team members know each other. This indicator is calculated throughout your activity in Teamblebee. It allows you to draw conclusions on quality of team communication, team effectiveness and team spirit.

2. Engagement Rate

Shows how much your team is engaged in the activity based your quiz answers. This indicator helps to monitor your team's motivation and ability to collaborate.

3. Next Quiz Readiness

Shows the readiness of the next quiz round based on the number of Icebreakers answered by the team. For the quiz to be ready you'll need the MNA (minimum number of answers) from at least 80% of your team members.

4. Team Mood

This indicator is based on the mood-check results conducted conducted before each quiz. It allows you to track your team's mood on regular basis and correlate it with other scores.

Achievements & Badges

Achievements and badges are designed to make the process more interactive and engaging for players. Some badges will be awareded for the completion of single tasks, others will have levels that can be boosted throuhout the game process.

Additional Info

1. Leaderboard

Shows the result of each individual player. It can be switched on or off.

2. Activity Log

With activity log you can see who submitted the Icebreaker answers, completed the quizzes, joined or left the team.