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How it works?

Check our quick explanatory video to see how you can use Teamblebee to engage your team.

Our clients have already boosted their teams with Teamblebee:

We are a small team of only 8 people and we thought that we know each other perfectly well so it will be super easy to find the right answers. But in fact it was more than challenging because the questions are kind of "tricky". So now we are having fun answering them and every time discover some new things about each other.

Oleksii Parniakov Head of Research ELEA GmBH

We've been working from home for a while and Teamblebee became a real rescue for our team's motivation and spirit. Having completed our first quizzes we discovered a lot of new things about each other and even decided to make short follow-up sessions to find out more about our common interests.

Kate Ponomaryova Customer experience manager Domio Interiors

Engage your team with ease

Our step-by-step process ensures smooth experience for your team:

1. Team setup

Get set in 5 mins and stay tuned for days.
Sign up, choose your team name, invite teammates and set your quiz schedule. That's it! You're set and ready to start your journey.

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2. Icebreakers

Relax and reflect
Our activity starts with icebreaker questions that are designed to trigger self-reflection and at the same time leave some space for creativity and fun. Just share your thoughts and let us do the rest :)

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Based on your icebreaker answers we'll generate individual quizzes for each user that will be sent-out according to your selected schedule. Discover your team, learn about your common interests, and achieve badges for your activity.

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4. Team analytics

We believe that high team acquaintance results in higher work efficiency. Teamblebee will not only allow you to acquaint your team, but also conduct instant team diagnostics. You can check your team's key metrics on our interactive dashboard and make adjustments where needed.

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The best news is that using Teamblebee costs less than a bus-ride.
So don't hesitate and hop-on ;)


  • Set of 50 selected Icebreaker questions
  • Automated quiz with editable schedule
  • Maximum 30 users in a team
  • Maximum 1 team per account
  • Limited team metrics and dashboard


  • Set of 100 selected Icebreaker questions
  • Possibility to add custom questions
  • Automated quiz with editable schedule
  • Timezones
  • Achievements and badges
  • Full team metrics and dashboard
  • Multiple teams per account


  • Team metrics and dashboard
  • Team metrics and dashboard
  • Set of 100 selected Icebreaker questions
  • Achievements and badges
  • Multiple teams per account
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Flexible Suitable for teams from
5 to 9999 people
Automated Setup once and have your
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